Our Campus | Phorms Heilbronn/Neckarsulm

    Josef-Schwarz-Schule is an international school in the north of Baden-Württemberg. We want our students to be enthusiastic and open-minded with an excellent education.

    Our school is distinguished by its approach to bilingualism, its specific focus on mathematics, science and technology, and its international focus.

    As alternative school, we follow the curriculum of Baden-Württemberg, complementing it with international elements. We work in two languages (German and English), with most lessons being conducted in English. Teachers from English-speaking countries provide children with authentic interaction in another language in accordance with the immersion principle.

    Our school currently teaches children from reception level to year six. As the children grow older, our school will grow too: in four years, the first pupils will be entering into the upper secondary level.

    Diversity is put into practice every day at our school. We create a unique atmosphere with a broad range of learning activities and materials as well as a highly varied afternoon programme.
    The latest findings in brain research guide our approach: students need first and foremost a culture of positive relationships with each other and with their teachers, and it is important to provide a space for them to realise their potential without fear or anxiety.

    In class, we usually work with two teachers with reasonable class sizes of about 22 students.Our students work independently on their learning goals, which include both individual targets and common goals to be achieved by the whole group. They enjoy achieving personal success in learning, and this motivates them to reach for greater things. We attach great importance to recognising and appreciating the strengths and achievements of our students.
    Especially talented students are supported by a comprehensive talent coaching programme.

    Our school is an extraordinary learning environment in terms of its architecture and design. We create space for creativity and innovation. Pupils can experiment and unfold their personalities in their learning houses, research laboratories, role play rooms, science labs, the crafts room, teaching kitchen, art studios, exercise room and a three-pitch sports hall.

    With a diverse afternoon and holiday programme, we aim to let students learn about a wide range of topics so that they can discover their own interests and talents.

    At our school, food is cooked fresh every day on-site. Our chef and his team pay attention to healthy whole foods that are both regional and seasonal, using only fresh quality products.

    We are an attractive place of learning and work for committed teachers. Our reception and primary school staff are highly professional and passionate about what they do.