About JSS | Phorms Heilbronn/Neckarsulm

    Freie Josef-Schwarz-Grundschule (JSS) is an independently managed alternative school that operates on a non-profit basis. It received state approval in August 2012 and state recognition in September 2015.

    Here you can see some pictures of our school building:

    The JSS pursues a concept of an internationally oriented school in the North of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

    We moved into our new school premises – a building with extraordinary architecture and design – in September 2013. Together with the modern and open architectural design, healthy interpersonal relationships form the main criteria for a good learning environment.

    The bilingual primary school with a reception offers places in three classes per grade to children up to grade four. Next school year, the first grade of the secondary school will be established.

    The Schwarz Group in Neckarsulm supports the development of the school in various ways, including financial assistance. Its main concern is to offer its employees an attractive all-day care facility for their children and to continue its commitment to company day care centres.