School coaching | Phorms Heilbronn/Neckarsulm

    School coaching is a special department at JSS that provides support with learning challenges, particular educational needs and social conflicts.

    Our school coaches for the primary school are:
    Maria Seemel (M.A. Psychology in Child Behavioural and Learning Discrepancies) 

    Simone Saleh (M.A. Learning Therapy) 

    Our school coach for secondary school is: 
    Dijana Wolf (secondary school teacher and counselling teacher) 

    Our school coaches are trained guidance counsellors. Their close relationships with both teachers and pupils allows them to recognise potential educational or counselling needs at a very early stage.

    Through the regular insight into the learning status surveys in maths and German, even partial performance weaknesses are recognised promptly. The School Coaches have a wide range of tests at their disposal, can give parents targeted advice and develop individual support plans. The need for support can be determined at an early stage so that the school coaches can work preventively before the need becomes a problem. 

    Our school coaching service is likewise available to parents who wish to discuss specific parenting matters. In addition to students and parents, the School Coach Office is also the contact point for the teachers within the JSS to support them with pedagogical, social or emotional questions. 


    The internal crisis and care team offers support and advice in the event of loss, grief, death, separation and illness. Contact person is Hermine Baur-Ihle, religion teacher and school pastor (