Head of School | Phorms Heilbronn/Neckarsulm

    Qualified, motivated, experienced staff members are key to the success of our work.

    We employ a mix of native German and English staff from a variety of educational backgrounds with various experiences. Experience in bilingual education is paramount for us to ensure we are recognized as leading bilingual teachers.

    Isabell Weipert
    Head of Primary School

    Isabell Weipert studied German and English to become a teacher. After completing her education she took on a teaching position at a Language Immersion School in North Carolina/USA. After returning to Germany she directed the Primary School of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie/ WÜRTH foundation. In 2012 she started Josef-Schwarz-Primary-School.

    In January 2017, Mrs. Weipert will go to Maternity leave. Until her return in 2018, Ms. Schüfer will hold her position.

    Daniela Hennig
    Reception Coordinator

    Daniela Hennig is a trained Kindergarten teacher and studied Early Childhood Education at the Ludwigsburg Teachers’s College.  After finishing her Bachelor’s degree she worked in Kindergartens in the Heilbronn area.  In September 2012 Ms. Hennig started working for Josef-Schwarz-School. She began as a Reception teacher and later she took over as the Co-ordinator of the Reception programme.